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Peyotl Enamel Pin

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Peyotl - Peyote - Hikuri


#Peyote is a spineless #cactus native to #Mexico and southwestern #Texas. Peyote is considered a #medicine and has also been used in many #indigenous religious ceremonies for thousands of years. As a medicine Peyote has been known to treat fever, muscular pain, skin irritations, #diabetes, blindness, cold and flu, and many other ailments. It has also been known to relieve mental stress and #depression. Peyocactin is an alkaloid also present in the cactus which is known to increase metabolism and activate the central nervous system.  Once a year the #Wixaritari, native people from northwest Mexico, make a sacred pilgrimage to the desert of Wirikuta.  It is believed that the world was created in Wirikuta and also where the #sun made its first appearance. Along this #journey Peyote is collected as well as harvested. The Wixarika word for peyote is #Hikuri which means “shimmering heart”. It is eaten ceremoniously as a sacrament and believed to put one in more direct contact with #sprit or divinity.