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Overtime families begin to grow. As with any culture, happiness, unity, and opportunity for a better life is the main objective for our families.

Many of us have resided in our barrios for generations, but along the way, our culture and knowledge is misplaced. It's not that we choose to forget who we are, and how far we have come, it's that we adapt to the modern societies that surround us.

In our culture it's unheard of to not have a well established family. You know what I mean! Those familias whose family decided to have 12 kids, and the rest is history. Being a fourth generation of Mexican Decent, the language was vaguely used, and our traditions faded away. It's opportunities like these where we can discover who we are, and where our stories began. From there, we can use the knowledge to help form the individuals we desire to be.

The Movement Clothing Brand has been a platform for the community to discover some of our History and Revamp the Beauty of Mexico. With our line of culturally inspired designs we aim to introduce our following to some of the forgotten knowledge so that we can have a better understanding of our roots. So when someone asks "What is The Movement?". Well, it's a stepping stone to bring awareness to our present generations so they can embrace it in a modern fashion.With our threads you can "Walk down the Barrio with Confidence and Estilo!"

So mijo/a consider us as your extended Familia! We’re here for you and hope you make an exciting future for yourself. Together we can understand who we are, and express it through art and design...I bet your abuelos would be proud!

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