Dia de Los Muertos in San Diego

(Director Jose Jaimes performing for Dia de Los Muertos.)

Although many of us are getting ready for Halloween there's another holiday that's sure to go unknown.

Dia de Los Muertos is just around the corner and people throughout Mexico, and The States have prepared for this festive 'Celebration of Life' long before Summer. This Cultural Celebration has dated back into the 16th Century with the Aztecs, and has evolved into one of the most admired happenings throughout.

Today, The Day of the Dead is still celebrated with many of the same traditions that we had before the arrival of the Spaniards with the remembrance of our ancestors through authentic cuisine for the ofrendas, music, and dance. However, it has become an even greater experience as we have fused European Elements with the Mexican Tradition.    

It's nothing to confuse with all hallow's eve (Halloween). No, this is an indigenous celebration that is meant to promote the beauty of life itself through various aspects. Death is nothing to be afraid of in our culture and is a time to reflect on some of life's most cherished moments, and welcome back our loved ones. 

Some individuals are curious to know how it is that we remember our ancestors and welcome back into our homes. Well, we come together as a community and build altars with their Favorite Foods, Drinks, Family Photos, Pan de Muerto and Marigolds. The Marigolds are also known as Cempasúchil - The Flower of the Dead. The flower is heavily incorporated into the altars and mocks the smell of the deceased.

These works of art are one of the most eye appealing images with vibrant colors and smells that are influenced by various towns, and villages throughout Mexico. Each region has their own unique style when it comes to the building of the ofrendas.

There are only a hand full of events throughout San Diego that provide the community with this one of a kind cultural experience. It takes a large number of community members, planning, and dedication to put on such an extravagant event for all to enjoy. At times it's even difficult to get the community to help "Preserve the Culture", in order to discover who we are. If there is one event that can capture the Essence of Mexico it would be the Dia de Los Muertos Celebration at Center for the Arts, Escondido.

The Arts Center provides the community with an excellent line up of cultural happenings which include a Museum Exhibit, Outdoor FREE Family Event, and a show hosted by Tierra Caliente Academy of Arts "Mexico...Vive Su Folklor". Jose Jaimes - Director of TC Academy of the Arts has done a superior job to keep tradition in San Diego County. The Dance Production will take you through a number of places in Mexico through Song and Dance of our people. Let's not forget, this show is the first of it's kind in San Diego to have La Catrina Garbancera and her partner Don Catrin entertaining the audience.

The Movement Brand invites you to "Preserve the Culture and Discover Yourself" with Tierra Caliente Academy of the Arts for this year's Dia de Los Muertos Celebration.

For Information Visit the Event Page : https://www.facebook.com/events/177757752634165/

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