"Preserve La Cultura. Discover Yourself."

Oscar Cardona Collaboration - Vivid Lyricist and Influencer

Oscar Cardona - Up and Coming Artist from Las Vegas, Nevada has made a name for himself.

Throughout the streets of Vegas the locals identify with his repertoire of talent in unique sound, and distinct style found in music videos, and photo shoots that capture his story of becoming an artist. This vivid lyricist has collaborated with The Movement Brand to introduce culture to his fans and demonstrate the importance of discovering ourselves not only as artists, but as individuals. His consistent strive for success provides motivation to other unsigned artists, and in this case individuals with Mexican Roots.

The Movement Brand is pleased to welcome him into the Familia as one of the newest faces to the Mexica Streetwear Brand. They take traditional art and culture and recreate it into designs that come from the heart for all generations to enjoy! Not every individual out there is willing to discover their roots, so the brand shares their culture through a modern take that provides a cultural experience that even our younger generations can enjoy.

Oscar Cardona - Nahui Ollin Tee

So what does this artist consider himself to be?

Cardona, like many others doesn't come from just one part of the world. He identifies as an open-minded individual with Mexican, Italian, and Spanish roots who simply "wants to spread love and positivity". If he "can make the world a slightly better place by inspiring people to make little changes in their own life, than that's really the best blessing of all". Maybe that's why so many people are drawn to his music and admire his commitment.

We all have goals as a business owners, musicians, influencers, and individuals. As our culture always promotes, family comes first; and the same is true for Oscar Cardona. As individuals from every background, "we've struggled to long to not enjoy the fruits of our labor", with family.

When we first came in contact with Oscar we could tell that he was much like us, wanting to "Preserve the Culture. Discover Ourselves." We asked Cardona what he liked about our culturally inspired street brand and found that he was into "The Movement because to [him] it expresses what it takes to make a movement. It takes a lot of hardwork, commitment, love, faith, and much more to create The Movement. I can respect a brand that's based of that."


Stay in tune with @oscardona on Soundcloud, the latest social platforms and here @themvmtbrand.

Cardona and Brother


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