"Preserve La Cultura. Discover Yourself."

It's no secret...5 Reasons We Standout!

It's no secret...we're here to spill the frijoles!

There are many businesses sprouting throughout that focus on the Mexican Culture. There are so many vendors that are shoving designs in our faces just to make a quick buck, and often times it gets overwhelming. Other times it seems as if every booth you visit at the Dia de Los Muertos Festival is selling the same knock off merchandise as the year before.

Then came along The Movement!

Que, que? What's that? Is it another political group?...Nope! It's a brand that has built its path from the everyday communities living in the Barrios of Southern California. From Art to the Performing Arts you'll be sure to learn about the

Mexican Culture and wear it proudly through the unique designs that stand out from the rest!

5 Reasons The Movement Brand Stands out:

1. We're not here to try and make a quick sale! We want to get to know our followers and learn from them. We're about building relationships and understanding how you preserve the culture!
2. Yes, we're a clothing line. Yes, you can buy 3 plain shirts for under $20. BUT you can't put a price on quality, satisfaction or your amigos!

3. Every shirt design comes with a story. We like to share the knowledge and preserve the culture through art and design. From our Dia de Los Muertos Traditions before the Conquest, to our designs that focus on the Aztec Culture that are found on these everyday threads. We like to come create something to wear for the everyday hombre and mujer!

4. The Shirts we use are soft to the touch. Light-weight. Maintain their shape and color (Even after many washes). And they are tagless! Don't believe us? Check out the reviews that are found with each shirt at www.themvmtbrand.com or enjoy free shipping with promocode: shipfree

5. The inks we use to print our designs will NEVER CRACK, PEEL, OR BE FELT!That's because we use water-based inks that prevent all that non-sense from the start!

So what are you waiting for? Follow us and Connect with us. We'd like to hear from you!

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