Our Local Youth: Discovering Culture. Taking the Stage with Confidence.

High schools today have encouraged students to participate in Multi-Cultural Events and community groups more than ever. It takes courage and confidence to walk on stage and tell a story through cultural dancing. No words! Just raw footwork, vibrant costumes, and a little chemistry.

Speaking from experience, it's intimidating at times to get up in front of a large group of people and dance like no one is watching. You're worried that you won't remember the choreography, you take a deep breath with a sigh of relief when the audience can't see your face, and you have to withstand the pain of a sprained ankle on stage. Lets not forget those aching feet from walking in shoes made of stiff leather and wood. (I hope my joints forgive me come winter time).

However, the adrenaline rush and emotional feeling of achievement is worth all that time and injury that you experienced. The Movement Brand is about providing a foundation of knowledge on the importance of cultural awareness, and encouragement to discover ourselves through art and design. Mission Hills High School Ballet Folklorico follows that same mission in more ways than one. They motivate our younger generations to understand the History of Mexico, and have even contributed to the success of the Latino Community by providing scholarships for higher education.

Making a difference through cultural awareness. It's hard to do, but it's harder to pass up the opportunity. Mission Hills Ballet Folklorico is one of the many Folklor Groups in North County that dedicates their time to do just that! Making a difference in the lives of students by providing a positive and welcoming community for friends and family.

The Movement invites you to the Mission Hills Ballet Folklorico End of the Year Show 'De Colores'.

When: Saturday June 11,2016 at 5:00pm(Doors open at 4:00pm)

Where: Redwood Hall at Mission Hills High School, San Marcos, CA. 92026

Price: $3.00 and Kids 12 and Under are FREE! There will be Flowers, Pizza, Nachos, and Drinks being sold at the show!

Lets thank our community members who've dedicated their time, made sacrifices, and had the patience to teach us about our roots through the performing arts.

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