Our Logo. I've seen it. I wear it. But what is it?

When it comes to culturally influenced attire, many individuals support the businesses and local designers who manufacture articles such as bags, shirts, and ponchos. Quite often we stop by a vendor's booth, and see many indigenous symbols such as the Aztec Calendar, the ever popular god of duality (Ometeotl), and the hummingbird (Huitzilopochtli), which was thought to be the souls of dead warriors returning home. Many of us may not know what these images are by name, but we can recognize them in a work of art.

My point is, how many of us really know what we are wearing? For some, the answer is nothing. It simply makes you feel proud of your heritage, and is appealing to the eye. For others, it is their heart and soul on many levels.

This idea of knowledge , and self identity is how The Movement Clothing was established.

Recently I have been asked what our logo means and here was my response...

"We have adopted this symbol and have made it the center of our business for various reasons. First, it is a traditional symbol to our indigenous roots of the Mexicah people, the Aztecs if you will. It is known as "Nahui Ollin" which is pronounced as (Naw-wee-oh-leen).

Nahui means the number 4 in Nahuatl. Ollin means means movement,change, and literally "The Movement". The center of our logo appears to be an eye, but is really symbolic of the cosmos...our solar system. All together it means to be in unity and have a complete balance in the world between life and death, the sun and the moon, a right arm and left arm, North and South, etc... Each of the four arms or branches extending out represent our four cardinal directions which can often be seen in traditional Aztec Ceremonies within the altars. A very popular, and indigenous Aztec Ceremony is performed for the public for the Dia de Los Muertos Celebration at Mission San Luis Rey 

Each of those cardinal directions have their own meanings, colors, symbolism, stories, and Aztec gods associated with them. In addition, they can be referenced as our previous suns in the solar system. The Aztecs were fond of astronomy and as of today we are in the 6th sun of our universe ( the 5th sun ended December 2012). The sixth sun is thought to be the sun of women's energy and consciousness. Each "sun" has a story behind it.

So why name it "The Movement"? Well, it will branch off into future product extensions that we have in store for the public. Second, being a fourth generation of Mexican Decent here in the States; our traditions,culture and language have been misplaced as our families have grown over generations. Our mission is to provide a foundation of introductory knowledge for individuals of all ages such as myself through art and design.

It's time we discover our roots and Embrace it with Confidence! Which is the reason we say "Walk the Barrio with Confidence and Estilo!" Our upcoming designs will do just that, and touch base with more of the Dia de Los Muertos Traditions and a societal issue that many of our people face...that is soon to come. On a last note, this symbol relates closely to our founder as his initials are hidden within it."


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